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The Albion Academy has a vibrant and exciting curriculum that responds to the needs of our young people. We encourage and develop a love of learning and use interests to motivate and stimulate enquiry. The Academy prides itself on offering a curriculum that equips students with the skills and qualifications they need to make a success of their lives.

We teach a wide range in subjects including all areas of the National Curriculum, as well as tailoring our provisions to meet Individual needs.

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We provide a range of academic and vocational courses from the age of 14, and link all our courses to future career or study pathways, so that students know exactly how they can get to where they want to be in life.

Learning does not just take place in the classroom of course. We believe in developing skills for independent learning and students are given homework on a regular basis, as well as taking part in trips, visits and extra clubs and events to ensure that a love of learning in all forms is instilled into our students.

What subjects?

All students study a range of subjects while they are with us, and have the opportunity to choose which they would like to study in more detail after the age of 14. English and Maths are taught throughout, as are ICT, PE and Science, because these are subjects we believe equip young people for a healthy and productive life.

We run special programmes to develop literacy at all levels, and numeracy skills are strong because of our skilled Maths teachers and the additional time and emphasis we give to the vital subject. But there are also lots of subjects on our curriculum that students have the chance to enjoy and try out while with us. Which one will be the basis for your future?

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The Albion Academy believes that teaching and learning are driven by regular assessment, and all families will receive a progress report from us six times a year.

We send out progress grades for every child, in every subject, at the end of each half term. Each year, one of these sets of grades includes a full written report.

We arrange at least one progress evening each year, when you can talk to your child’s teacher about any concerns you may have, see displays of learning, and hear a verbal report about your child’s progress and performance in the Academy.

Marking and feedback to children is intended to show them how to improve to the next level. If your child does not know what must be done in order to improve in each subject, please contact the Academy so that we can help.


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