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Curriculum Summary - Foundation department.

There are 4 Foundation classes across Key Stage 3 at The Albion Academy – 2 in Year 7, 1 in Year 8 and 1 in Year 9. Taught by specialist teachers and supported by a designated teaching assistant, each class has no more than 12 – 15 students and the curriculum is designed to deliver the English, Maths, History and Geography units of work in an accessible and supportive manner. The Foundation classes are for students who have not yet achieved the expected level of attainment at primary school and offer them the chance to make rapid progress in literacy-based subjects.

Classes are taught in 3 well-resourced classrooms which provide a secure base for our students. In addition to their curriculum subjects, Foundation also covers basic literacy, phonics and developing reader programmes which are further supplemented by a series of small group withdrawal sessions for 1 – 1 reading intervention and spelling programmes.

Homework will focus on reading and spelling.

Progress is reviewed half-termly and students who make expected progress or beyond are carefully transitioned into mainstream classes. Students are always given the option of staying with their Foundation class if they do not feel ready for a larger class environment and focus then moves to building confidence and self-esteem before the transition is attempted again.

100% of Foundation students make, at least, 3 levels of progress in their first year with nearly 70% making 4 levels of progress – beyond expectation.

If you have further questions about Foundation and SEN support, please contact the Academy on 0161 359 5100

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