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Focus On Learning
Focus On Learning
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Focus On Learning

Focus On Learning

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Key Stage 3


Autumn 1

Spring 1

Summer 1

Year 7

Multiples and Factors, Prime factors, powers and roots, grid method, BODMAS

Measurements, distance, conversions, tables, proportions, ratio, shape and space, algebraic terms and equations, sequences

Algebraic equations, formulae, averages, graphs/pie charts, substitution, area/volume, fractions, probability, percentages, frequency, estimating

Year 8

Statistics and probability, graphs and correlation, spread and comparisons

Algebraic expressions, factorising, solving linear equations, Geometry and Measures.

Fractions, Transformations, trigonometry and Pythagoras, Ratio, proportion and change

Year 9

Statistics and probability, Law of indices, standard form

Algebraic expressions, simultaneous equations, inequalities, geometry, angles

Transformations, Loci, Trigonometry, interest and compound interest, drawing to scale

NB: Pupils in Y9 top set will study GCSE statistics with the possibility of sitting the exam in Y9.


Key Stage 4 – GCSE Maths, Edexcel. Broad topics for the terms are outlined below, please contact us for further detail.


Autumn 1

Spring 1

Summer 1

Year 10

Handling Data, representing and gathering data, indices, standard form, surds, rounding, estimating,

Algebraic expressions, solving equations including quadratics

Shape and Space, circle theorems and proof, congruence, ratio and proportion, angles and bearings

Year 11

Index notation, ratio and proportion, Algebra, transformations

Shape and Space, Measures, trigonometry, construction and loci

Revision all topics