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Stand Together, Achieve Together

Stand Together, Achieve Together

Stand Together, Achieve Together

Albion Way

From February 8th 2016 The Albion Academy is applying a different recording system for positive and negative behaviours.

The Albion Way:

All students will wear a lanyard as part of their uniform, carrying their timetable and a weekly card which will be used to gather merits for good conduct and codes for poor conduct.

These will be collected and totalled weekly with rewards for the wining form and for students with the highest number of merits gained by individual students.

Codes will be listed using the code below and students must first of make sure they do not gain 7 in a week, as this will result in an isolation the following week, meaning a longer day and loss of social time. Students who receive no codes each half term will also be recognised for always “doing the right thing”.


Are awarded for making good progress, exceptional work, high quality homework, helping someone out, fundraising or community contributions – including those we are aware of outside school – and anything that demonstrates they are able to represent themselves and us well. If you know your children are taking part in something or making a difference, please let us know so we can recognise it too. Rewards will include, but are not limited to, certificates, stationery, access to trips or discounted trip offers etc.


Are listed for the following:

  • L = late to school or to a lesson
  • M = wearing make-up
  • U = incorrect uniform
  • D = disruption
  • C = poor conduct on corridors/social times
  • T = truancy
  • UPC = unprofessional conduct, to include not following instructions, failing to complete work/homework, defiance etc.

We will write to you if your child gains more codes than merits in any week, and if they gain more than 7 codes in any week, which will result in isolation. The system will apply to all students in the same way, so there can be no exceptions. Repeated isolations over the course of a term will put the student at risk of exclusions and will mean we need to meet more frequently with you to manage the students’ behaviour – though you can request to meet with us at any time should you become concerned about your child’s behaviour regardless of the number of codes, isolations etc.

Please note the wearing of the lanyard is compulsory, and will be treated as incorrect uniform if not in place. Likewise, lost cards, avoiding the collection of the data on the cards or otherwise avoiding taking part in the system will be treated as either a code in itself or an automatic isolation – so students must treat them as part of their uniform.

Please note that mobile phones are banned in the academy from Feb 1st and will be confiscated for the day if seen at any time. If senior staff are required to intervene, the phone will remain in school until a parent can collect it, or until the Friday afternoon.