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Digital Champions

An army of silver surfers are ready to launch after training for a series of internet workshops took place to train digital wizards from the student body at The Albion Academy. The residents of Muirhead Court, a Salix Homes development, were introduced to email, internet browsing and Skype as part of a series of workshops aimed at giving older people the digital skills they may need in the 21st century.


A group of 10 Albion students joined staff including Jackie Crook from Salix Homes, Bernadette Elder from Inspiring Communities and Mike Benjamin from Salford City Council to deliver workshops as Digital Champions.

Ms Elder said: “This will make life much easier. Residents can renew library books, do their Christmas shopping and order prescriptions online. The students from the Academy have opened their eyes to a whole new world of communication and information”

The workshops are part of a series aimed at bringing young and old together on learning journeys which began with a History session during the commemorative events surrounding the centenary of World War One. Rebecca Lee, Year 7, said, “I really enjoyed working on the workshops now. Everyone can find out so much on the internet and everyone deserves the chance to use it.” 

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For further information, please contact Miss D Owen, Vice Principal, on 0161 359 5100