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GCSE Geographers in Grasmere field study

38 Year 11 GCSE Geography students from The Albion Academy enjoyed a 5 day residential visit to the Lake District in early December to study the conflicts arising from tourism in one of the UK’s most visited National Parks. Part of their final grade, the visit involved field studies of land use, environmental impact and local resident / tourist questionnaires which took place in Grasmere, a village in the northern part of the National Park.

Mr Chris Brooks, part of The Albion Academy’s Geography department, stated:

 “An opportunity like this to gain hands-on experience at FSC Blencathra and in the village of Grasmere is not to be missed. The students gain a deeper understanding of the impact tourism has on an area like this.”

The visit is based at the Field Studies Centre in Blencathra on the outskirts of Threlkeld. Dayna Riley, Deputy Head Girl, was one of the students involved and said, “Sometimes it is difficult to work out the pros and cons of an issue but coming here, I can really see what tourism brings to the area and what tourism can destroy in a community.”

For further information, please contact Mrs J Milner, Curriculum Area Leader (Geography) or Mrs W Rafferty-Clark, Assistant Principal, on 0161 921 1230